Winter is coming – Protect your skin

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Christine Spiten

Waking up to get to work is just a tiny bit harder in October; it’s still dark outside as the city starts buzzing, and the birds are not singing as loud and early anymore – probably as sleepy as I am in these twilight mornings.


I am stumbling out in the kitchen to put the kettle on for my coffee. A bullet proof with coconut oil and my own twist with cinnamon, replaces my old habit of a big breakfast. This is the “intermittent fasting” procedure I’ve followed over the past few months, inspired by silicon valley entrepreneurs who –  along with quite a few scientific reports  – claim that skipping breakfast keeps your energy levels more even throughout the day.

(Morning routines are my guilty pleasure – I LOVE slow mornings where I can put on music, drink my coffee and make time for yoga, or attend a training class on the local gym. )


I quickly drink a glass of water with lemon before I take a shower. I find that I need to hydrate a lot more now that the weather is colder. In summer I automatically drink a lot of water to compensate for the heat, a habit that I try to remind myself to keep the whole year through. My summer skin care routine is almost solely about using a good sun protection, as I spend lots of time in the ocean and get plenty of vitamin D from the sun I don’t stress about adding much to my skin.

To be honest, the whole thing about skin care is quite a new area to me and something I’ve become far more conscious about lately – perhaps because I’m getting older, but also since I’ve been lucky to work with Biotherm and learnt that skin care is about so much more than beauty; it’s directly linked to health and well-being. The Life Plankton Elixir has become a part of my daily morning routine and is now as appreciated as my bulletproof coffee to start the day. In the summer it was enough to only use the elixir alone, and add water lover sunscreen on sunny days, but now I’ve stepped up with Biotherm Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil Cream to protect my face on those cold morning bike rides and the dry winter air.

The trees have changed their colour and there’s red and orange leaves covering the deck on my boat, as I’m about to move her to another location for winter. I have just serviced the engine and changed the batteries (things you don’t have to worry about unless you have a boat) and my hands are covered in oil and I smell diesel like an old fisher man.


There’s little that reminds of concious skin care in this situation, however fresh air and sea breeze is the best thing. Period.


You may call me slow, but I guess it’s not more than a couple of years ago that I learned how the sun rays are just as strong in winter as summer and started using sunscreen all year around. UV rays, particularly UVA are the rays with longer wavelength that reach the earth regardless of the weather conditions and which can penetrate deeply into our skin and cause skin damage. That’s why I try to keep the Water Lover with me all the time.

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I am not much of an autumn person – surely hot chocolate and mountain hikes are nice – but honestly I can’t wait for the snow to fall so I can go skiing! Fingers crossed for another winter with a solid amount of snow to play with. Remember to protect our winters, folks! As well as your skin;)
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